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Fried onion crisps production line

Specific introduction of fried onion crisps line:

1. Onion cutting machine is equipped with automatic feeding and automatic top and tail cutting device. The whole machine is made of stainless steel. It is durable and non-corrosive and does not pollute the fresh onions.


2. Onion peeling machine is easy to operate and has high output. Using pneumatic principles, dry peeling, fully automatic digital control, there is no limit to the size and variety of onions. The surface of the peeled onion is smooth and harmless, and the onion and onion skin are automatically separated, which is safe and hygienic. It is the domestic onion peeling equipment.

3, Onion cutting machine is easy to operate, high yield, cut onion ring thickness is uniform, smooth, and can be adjusted freely, not broken, and can be used for large ginger, potato chips, taro slices, mountain pills, bamboo shoots, The processing of solid vegetables such as mushroom slices is the onion processing equipment currently in China. At the same time, it is also a special machine for vegetable processing in the vegetable processing industry, the food industry, the pickling industry, and the large supermarket canteen hotel.


4, Onion bubble cleaning machine is suitable for the cleaning and transportation of fruits, roots and leafy vegetables, mushrooms and Chinese herbal medicines. It replaces heavy manual labor. The mechanization of the product is achieved. The frame is made of high quality SUS304 stainless steel, which meets the national food export standards. The equipment can be customized according to the different processing characteristics of the users, to the extent that the requirements of the customers are met.


5, Onion ring dryer series is made of all stainless steel, beautiful in appearance and small in size. Dehydration of the product can be completed only by high-pressure and low-temperature airflow, and has the effects of removing oil stains and scales. This is not available in other similar equipment. The fruit and vegetable air dryer saves energy, reduces water removal cost, and better avoids products. The "second sterilization" guarantees the quality of the products, and the food dryer has stable technical performance, high efficiency, high efficiency and is ideal for the production of food, beverage, pharmaceutical and other industries.


6, Onion ring frying machine outstanding performance: oil temperature automatic control, water temperature automatic control, automatic discharge.The residue of the fried food is automatically sunk to the bottom of the water, so that the working oil is always pure. The frying machine produced by us can simultaneously fry various foods, without odor, and multi-purpose, can increase your business. Variety. The process can effectively control the oil content of food and improve the quality of the product.


7. Fried food seasoning machine is divided into three types: octagonal type, disc type and drum type: This equipment is easy to operate, high in output, uniform in mixing, automatic discharging, made of stainless steel, can be used for seasoning and mixing of any food.


8, vacuum nitrogen filling packaging machine (double chamber vacuum packaging machine), two packing chambers, suitable for vacuum packaging of larger batches of products, this series of models is used to package a variety of products, puffed food, fried food, native Products, aquatic products, pharmaceuticals, chemical raw materials, etc., solid powder, paste can also be applied, a variety of plastic bags and aluminum foil bags can be used as packaging materials.

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