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Garlic peeling machine

Introduction of the garlic peeling machine 

1. Pneumatic peeling principle, no damage, peeled garlic can be stored for many days
2. Installed ith automatic temperature control device, have drying and dehumidification function
3. Automatic feeding, easy to operate
4. Peeling 98%, can be used in fully automatic production lines
5. Small size and big size garlic cloves can be peeled together and meet the hygiene standards.
6. Production range from 150kg/h to 1200kg/h to meet different needs

Features of Garlic peeling machine

Feature 1: Garlic does not need to be soaked, no drying is required
Feature 2: The air compressor has a low investment, and only needs an air compressor with a power of 7.5KW.
Feature 3: Power saving, 0.2KW motor for peeling machine, 7.5KW power air compressor. (power consumption 7.7kw.h)
Feature 4: High peeling rate (with a peeling rate of 98 or more,)
Feature 5: High output, (about 150kg/h, 1.2tons per 8hours, can be produced in 24 hours)

Technical data of the garlic peeling machine 

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