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Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line

Description of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line                                                         

Consumptions of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line                                       

Capacities for Choice: 

● 50kg/h 

● 100kg/h

● 150kg/h

● 200kg/h

● OEM and Customization welcomed

Different Capacities
Power Consumption of Whole Line
50kg/h semi-automatic potato chips production line 40.75kw.h
100kg/h semi-automatic potato chips production line 74.8kw.h
150kg/h semi-automatic potato chips production line 92.3kw.h
200kg/h semi-automatic potato chips production line 114.7kw.h

Working Principle and Function of Each Machine                                                                       

The line is made up of washing&peeling machine, cutting machine, blanching machine, de-watering machine, frying machine, 

de-oiling machine, seasoning machine and vacuum packing machine.

1.Washing&Peeling Machine. Emery grinding principle, can do washing and peeling at the same time

2.Cutting Machine. Cut potatoes into shape of potato chips or french fries, thickness customized from 1-12mm

3.Blanching Machine. Alter potato chips’ flavor, color, texture and nutritional value. Formula is offered free, which you can’t 

get from the market

4.De-watering Machine. Principle of centrifugation to remove surface water of potato chips
5.Frying Machine. Adopts oil-water mixing technology, which can save consumption of 50% oil, and 40% power. It is 

designed for fry various products, such as potato chips, peanuts, broad beans, etc. Both Electricity and Gas are all available as 

the heating source. Frying time in accordance with different recipe is easy to set up and automatic control during chips 

and fries frying process.

6.De-oiling Machine. Adopt centrifugation principle and Digital automatic control system to remove surface oil of potato chips. 

Potato chips are crisper and tasty after de-oiling process, also too much fat has no benefits to health.

7.Seasoning Machine. Can apply seasons to potato chips to improve the taste and flavor. In addition to the general tastes, 

you can also add a sauce making machine to make salted egg potato chips

8.Vacuum Packing Machine. With vacuum nitrogen filling to keep a long shelf life of potato chips. To meet various demands from 

customers, we also supply continious band sealing machines, padel sealing machines, etc. 

Adding one cutting machine and one freezing machine, you can also produce frozen french fries!

Machine Photos of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line                                                       

Semi-automatic potato chips plant is mainly used to make potato chips and other fried snack food semi-automatically. 

With a small investment, less labor requirement, small space request, and user-friendliness,this small potato chips line 

is an ideal choice for chips business starter. 

Packaging Details of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line                                              

--For LCL cargo, we pack machines in export standard plywood boxes, no vermin, germs etc. Helping get better protection while

  transporting machines.

--For whole container cargo, sometimes no pack or with simple fim packing.

Our Factory Quality Guarantee of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line                       

1. we have completed working system and procedures and we follow them strictly.

2. Our different workers are responsible for different working process, their work is confirmed and will always operate the process, 

    so very experienced.

3. The electrical components are from the world famous companies, such as Siemens, Panasonic etc.

4. We will do strict test running before the machine shipped.

5. Our machines are CE and ISO certificated.

6. We promise guarantee as one year for non-human damage factor.

Our Service of Semi-automatic Potato Chips Production Line                                                        

Pre-sales Service:

1. Profession: Inquiry and consulting support, help clients select suitable machine

2.Customization: Design and OEM products according to clients’ special requirements

3. Factory: Factory visiting is welcomed 


After-sales Service:

1. Training: Training how to install and use the machine

2. Installation

---For semi-automatic line, machines no need installation, just connect to the power supply, then you can use them. User manual 

and guide videos will be offered freely.

--For full-automatic line, engineers available to provide field installation help if necessary. We are responsible to send technicians to 

install and test the machines, to teach the employees to use the machine.but the round trip air-tickets, accommodation, food and  

100 USD/day salaries for each technician will be on the buyer’s account.

3. Spare Parts: If you want to change some parts after long time using, feel free to contact us. We keep whole life spare parts supply.

Why Choose us?                                                                                                                                    

1. 30 years manufacturer, have advanced machinery and equipment to manufacture

2. Senior engineer with over 10 years experience

3. Strict quality control

4. Regular machines in stock

5. OEM variety of machines

6. Competitive price, high quality, fast delivery

7. Excellent after-sales services

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