How to choose a good fryer?

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Fried food is one of the most popular leisure foods in Zui. Processing fried food is the first choice for many entrepreneurs. So it is very important to choose a high quality and low price fried machine. So how can we choose a good fried machine? Let me introduce it to you.

1. Choosing a good fryer depends on the strength of the manufacturer. Ocean Food Machinery Co., Ltd. has been producing and selling fryers for more than ten years. There are many kinds of fryers, all models and affordable prices. There are many types of fryers to choose, such as Kerosene-Fired fryers, electric heating fryers, gas fryers and so on. Functionally, they are divided into portable ones, taking into account the actual needs of customers. Various styles, such as automatic discharging, automatic mixing and mesh belt conveyor, can be selected for each style, and their diversification is more practical than that of other manufacturers.

2. Looking at the advantages of the equipment, Dayang brand fryer adopts the new technology of oil-water mixing, uses the principle of incompatibility between oil and water to precipitate the residue in the frying process into the water, and releases the residue after discharging water, thus realizing the function of automatic filter residue, which can make the frying oil not acidify and blacken for a long time, greatly save oil consumption, reduce costs and increase profits at the same time. The oil temperature and water temperature of Dayang brand fryer are controlled by temperature controller. The temperature of frying oil can be controlled by itself. It can effectively control the oil temperature, ensure the same color of the frying material, sell well and sell well.

3. Looking at after-sales service, the fryer produced by Ocean Food Machinery Co., Ltd. enjoys a one-year free warranty of high quality service. During the warranty period, the quality of equipment affects the use of customers. Our company provides free accessories and door-to-door maintenance services. After the warranty period, if customers need spare parts, we will sell them to customers at the finished price, and ensure that the spare parts are sufficient and will not be out of stock, so that you can buy them at one time. Buy without worries.



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