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Special Bubble Cleaner for Fruits and Vegetables Will Lead China's Healthy Cleaner

source : Henan Reliable Industrial Co., Ltd.   Views : times   Views : 2019-01-23

In recent years, news of unsatisfactory food hygiene has been exposed by the media. Food safety has become increasingly serious and has endangered human health, such as poisonous bean sprouts, poisoned milk powder, heavy metal instant noodles and trichlorocyanamide. Nowadays, the fresh fruit and vegetable market is very hot. Many of the fruits and vegetables sold on the market are semi-finished products which have been cleaned and packed. With the continuous expansion of this market, the demand for food machinery and equipment such as fruit and vegetable cleaners, vegetable cutters, crushers, fruit selectors, packers, fresh-keeping packaging machines will also rise.

However, some consumers will still keep a distance from these packaged semi-finished vegetables. They tend to think that packaged goods are expensive and inexpensive. In fact, these fruits and vegetables are cleaned, packed and inspected by a centralized cleaning machine in the central kitchen before they are distributed to supermarkets, which is safer than that of households who use their own fruit and vegetable washing machines. On the market, in order to cater to consumers'psychology, some businessmen have introduced fruit and vegetable washing machines that can remove 99% pesticide residues, which are favored by everyone. But these equipments are often more conceptual and less effective in actual cleaning.

Industry insiders said that although fruits and vegetables can remove some of the residual pesticides on fruits and vegetables, but the sterilization rate can not really reach 99%. In addition, 3 liters of water can wash almost a kilogram of fruits and vegetables, a certain capacity of fruit and vegetable machines must reach a certain water level to turn. Nowadays, some young families can't actually eat so many fruits and vegetables, so it's not so cost-effective to use fruit and vegetable machines at home. So how can consumers eat fruits and vegetables at ease? Fruits and vegetables cleaned by commercial cleaning machine have high food safety, and consumers can buy them at ease.

Market Advantage Analysis of Special Bubble Cleaner for Fruits and Vegetables

It is understood that China first opened the pattern of food purification. Large commercial fruit and vegetable cleaners are also divided into many forms. The special bubble cleaner for fruit and vegetable is based on ultrasonic technology and nanotechnology as the core, food purification as a whole, in order to effectively remove all harmful substances such as agricultural residues, heavy metals, microorganisms and so on. At present, there is no shortage of fruit and vegetable cleaning and disinfection machines in the Chinese market, and there are not a few households. However, these conservative household fruit and vegetable cleaning instruments and disinfection machines can not completely solve human health problems because of their immature technology.

In terms of purification capacity, first of all. Conservative household fruit and vegetable cleaning and disinfection machines generally use ozone and disinfectant, and their food purification and disinfection functions are difficult to achieve even 50%. The special bubble cleaning machine for fruit and vegetable uses ultrasound and nanotechnology to purify and decompose pesticide residues, toxins and other harmful substances in the table of fruit and vegetable, and its purification efficiency is as high as 90% through the detection of state authorities.

In addition to the prominent effect of purification, second. The simple operation and high cost performance of vegetable cleaner are incomparable with other fruit and vegetable cleaners and disinfectors. In terms of operation, conservative fruit and vegetable cleaners and disinfectors have many options to adjust for cleaning and disinfecting different food materials and tableware. People without certain knowledge of electrical appliances are easy to misoperate, thus causing damage to fruit and vegetable food materials and machines. Damage can even cause casualties; and the special bubble cleaner for fruits and vegetables can clean and disinfect fruits and vegetables with one-click disposal, which is very simple and fast, and there is no misoperation.

From a cost-effective point of view, conservative fruit and vegetable cleaning and disinfection machines need to add a certain amount of ozone ingredients to achieve cleaning and disinfection disposal, which belongs to the depleted goods, in order to use in family life, there will be unlimited cost expenditure. Holl vegetable cleaner does not need to replace the product equipment and components, there is no problem of high energy consumption and high consumption, by contrast, the cost is far lower than that of ordinary fruit and vegetable cleaner and disinfector.

Whether from the cleaning effect, machine operation and cost-effective factors such as a comprehensive view. The special bubble cleaner for fruits and vegetables has much higher technology content than other cleaning and disinfecting machines for fruits and vegetables. It will surely lead China's health cleaner in the future.



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