The new leek root cutter is on the market!

source : Henan Reliable Industrial Co., Ltd.   Views : times   Views : 2019-01-22

The new type of leek root cutting machine is a high-tech fruit and vegetable cutting equipment developed by our company based on years of experience and customer feedback, which integrates practical, efficient and energy-saving. It is suitable for cutting or cutting the roots of long vegetables such as onion, celery, rape and spinach. It saves a lot of labor and improves the output at the same time.

The characteristics and advantages of the new leek root cutting machine are as follows:

1. Rotating baffle handwheel can adjust the distance between front and rear baffles to control the size of the rhizome.

2. The baffle conveyor belt automatically conveys and cuts rhizomes and segments, which is fast and efficient.

3. The equipment is designed without fragile parts. It has longer service life, lower cost and higher efficiency.

4.304 stainless steel body and shell, more in line with international health standards.



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