What is the scope of use of oil-water mixing fryer?

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What is the scope of use of oil-water mixing fryer?

Oil-water mixing fryer is a kind of environmental protection equipment heated by electricity. The equipment uses electric heating, which is environmentally friendly and pollution-free. It is mainly used for frying peanuts, broad beans, cornflower and other food. The fried food is crisp, crisp, sweet and delicious. It is a good equipment for food processing enterprises to improve production, quality, shorten working hours and improve working conditions.

Scope of application of oil-water mixing fryer

It is suitable for all kinds of small and medium-sized food factories and fast food shops with large production, fried chicken shops and pastry houses, etc. It can fry all kinds of fried foods, but most operations still depend on manual operation. Liquefied gas and natural gas are the main energy sources.

It can produce most of the fried snacks, such as broad beans, green beans, peanuts, pine nuts, cat's ears, shell crisps and other flour products and puffed food.

Characteristics of Oil-Water Mixed Frier

1. Advanced oil-water mixing technology overcomes the shortcomings of conventional fryers. It can filter automatically, keep the frying oil clean and make the frying products consistent. It not only improves the product quality, prolongs the shelf life, but also brings high added value to the products.

2. The automatic filter of the machine can greatly prolong the service life of frying oil without frequent oil change. The oil consumed in the frying process of the product is equivalent to the oil absorbed by the product, and the efficiency of oil saving is beyond doubt.



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