Introduction to the Functions of Components of Fully Automatic Packaging Machine

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Functions of each component of automatic packaging machine:
(1) Packing machine part: full computer control system, man-machine interface, super large display touch screen operation is simple. It can automatically complete the whole process of feeding, bagging, filling, bagging, date printing, inflating (exhausting), counting and finished product output.
(2) Computer combined weighing system: perfect combination of high precision and high speed, instantaneous selection of Zui best combination from rich weight combination by computer calculation. Compatibility is strong, directly installed on the top of the packaging machine, the structure is more compact.
For you to save a lot of raw materials and labor costs, fast return on investment.
(3) Hoist part: Hoist lifting is driven by chain drive, which is used for vertical transportation of granular and small pieces of material. It has the advantages of large lifting capacity and high lifting degree.
(4) Vibration feeder part: conveying materials from the storehouse to the material conveyor by means of vibration.

The conveying part of finished products: The machine can convey the automatically packaged finished bags to the post-packaging testing equipment or packaging platform.



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